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1000+ Happy Members,  Over 70,000 Homemade Meals

Our Members have lost tens of thousands of pounds and reversed high blood sugars, pressure, cholesterol and gone off meds too using our COOK, EAT, LISTEN formula - without dieting or deprivaiton.  You can too!

The Homemade Method™ isn't your new diet.

Diets don't work because when you stop you gain all the weight back - and then some! The Homemade Method™ is different because it isn't a diet.  You'll learn how to cook easy, healthy meals and discover a new Mindset so you can get to your perfect weight and health - without dieting or counting points EVER again. 

It's a new Cooking & Mindset System for perfect weight.

Recommended by 2 Leading Hospitals & 7 Medical Clinics

“Our results with Homemade: Simon lost 50 pounds, rarely has back pain, needs no medications for cholesterol, and stopped snoring completely. Our son, John lost 15 pounds, and I lost 15 pounds”. -Nina H


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Tired of dieting

Desperate for a healthy change

Being a Mom is hard enough without having to worry about what to put on the dinner table every night. Give your kids the best chance at developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food by learning how to cook delicious, nourishing meals the whole family will love with Homemade Method™. 

Moms & families

If you are suffering from high cholesterol, blood sugars or blood pressure - then your Doctor’s mantra of ‘diet & exercise’ can be so demoralizing, when you have already tried everything under the sun. Take back control of your health and join hundreds of Homemade members who have improved their numbers and reversed their symptoms.

When you live a busy life & you're cooking for one, the temptation to eat out can win over even the best of intentions. Learn to prepare quick, easy meals to take back control of your eating. We’ve included 5 minute meals & batch cooking options so you never need to get caught out again.

Every time you look up there seems to be some new diet regime promising miracle results. If you are tired of the dieting treadmill - losing weight then gaining it all back again - then say goodbye to dieting and calorie counting for good. Lose weight without feeling like you are really trying using the Cook, Eat, Listen™ Homemade Principles.

Cooking for one

If your weight & eating are a constant struggle

You owe yourself the Homemade Method™

Watch our intro video and find out!

How will Homemade Method change YOUR life?

“With Homemade I don't feel as stressed about what I'm eating. I cook it, I enjoy it and I move on. No calorie counting, journals, confessions, or guilt. My husband and I lost a combined 52 lbs." -Wendy F, Chief Nursing Officer

Here's the 6 things YOU can gain from Homemade Method™:

#5 Learn to Grocery Shop & Get Prepared

Transform your relationship with your food and maintain your results for life by learning how to eat for ‘Nourishment & Satisfaction’™ with our unique Mindset 

curriculum. You'll be empowered with strategies to overcome stress & emotional eating. And you will discover the everyday foods that reset the body’s natural hunger & satiety mechanisms - to reduce cravings.  

#1 Learn to Cook Quick & Easy Meals from Scratch

Impress your friends, family and yourself(!) by cooking your own meals, snacks & desserts without using a recipe in around 5-30 minutes per dish. You will learn basic cooking techniques, knife skills and how to create flavors. 90% of our members reported increased cooking confidence & skills after just 3 weeks - and tripled their home cooking within 12 weeks.

You will experience how good it feels - and how easy it is - to adopt and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle using the Homemade Principles™. Our members have reported improved digestive issues, skin conditions, allergies, food intolerances and arthritis. They have also experienced better moods, better sleep and more energy. Discover a new way of eating which you never want to stop!

#2 Reduce your Blood Numbers & Take Back Control

You will learn how to use common & inexpensive whole food ingredients which are scientifically proven to target specific health improvements & fight disease. Our members have reduced their blood sugars, blood cholesterol, blood pressure - to name a few - just by cooking & eating the meals they learnt with Homemade Method™.

#4 Maintain your Weight Loss & Eliminate Cravings

 Our program is specifically designed for busy people. So you will learn how to grocery shop and get prepared to set yourself up for success with your healthy eating goals. This is KEY to our Members' success. You will learn time-saving tricks and tips to cook a tasty meal in under 10 mins and bulk cook your meals for several days  - so your healthy homemade meals become your go-to staples.

#3 Lose Pounds - Without Really Trying

Achieve your ideal weight while enjoying abundant, delicious whole food meals & never going hungry. Join hundreds of men and women just like you who have collectively lost 10000s of lbs on our program - up to 80 lbs per person - by applying the 3 simple Homemade Principles, COOK, EAT, LISTEN™. No dieting, deprivation, calorie counting or complicated rules.  

#6 Get a Healthy, Energetic Body

Over 95% of our Members said Homemade met their needs.


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Enrollment Ends February 13

“Homemade Cooking is changing the way my whole family eats. Before taking this program I felt like I did not have the time or the ability to create tasty, nutritious meals for my family. I now have skills that make it possible.” -Julie C

*Results taken from surveys of 586 Homemade Class members in 2015 & 2016

1 in 4 members
high blood pressure

1 in 4 members
high blood sugars

Our Members told us Homemade Method™ Works.

Their Results after 10-weeks are ASTONISHING:

7 in 10 members

lost weight -
without dieting

1 in 5 members
high blood cholesterol

Members lost on average 1 pound per week -
up to 80 pounds in 6 mths

Members tripled the amount they cooked
at home

“During my Homemade program, my cholesterol went from 123 to 107 and I am expecting it to continue to drop. My blood pressure went from 180/120 to 160/100, and my weight went from 228 to 215lbs." -Andrew P

 Doctor Tested.  Doctor Recommended

7 Medical Clinics have referred patients to us

... and many Doctors have taken our Program themselves!

“Homemade is enabling people to make healthier choices. What Homemade has created is inspiring.” Professor Gardner, School of Medicine & Preventative Health

“We are promoting this program to our patients in Stanford Primary Care.” 

Dr.  Chang, Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs

“I have diabetes and to watch my blood sugars trend when eating what I learned to cook with Homemade is amazing! I mean my insulin requirements significantly drop for the day.”
Natalie C

Trusted by Leading Organizations & Brands

As seen in:

“At the time I joined Homemade I was heavily overweight and often fatigued. After 6 months I lost almost 60 pounds combining Homemade principles and good gym exercise. I feel great and my blood tests have never been more perfect."
Angelo D

Dr Chloe has a combined MD / MBA from Stanford University, with a Scholarly Concentration on Community Health.  In 2009, Chloe was President of the Stanford Medical Students Association.  Her speaking engagements have included National Kidney Foundation, Hewlett Packard, City of Menlo Park, BeWell & HIP at Stanford University, Washington Hospital, Food Summit 2013, Davita & many others. Chloe is a Member of the American College of Preventative Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, Public Health, Nutrition & Diabetes Associations.

Homemade Method was founded by Stanford Graduates, Dr Chloe Chien & Anna Rakoczy.

Our Program was developed with input from 12+ Nutritionists & Holistic Chefs on our Team

Meet our Stanford Founders

Anna has Masters Degrees from Stanford & UC Berkeley. Anna is a Fulbright Scholar, was the Australian Young Lawyer of the Year in 2008 and competed in National Ice Skating Championships for 4 years.  Anna is a health coach, an author and a cooking instructor.  She Founded the Homemade Method™, and has led workshops for Google Employees, Stanford Hospital & University Employees.  Anna presented at the Food Summit in 2013, the Food@Work Conference in 2014 and the Berkeley Food Innovation Lab.  

“Homemade isn't a quick weight loss program -- it's a change in your way of life and about developing a healthy attitude towards food. I have lost (and maintained) over 40 pounds and I feel so much better”. -Stacie S


Life-Changing Cooking Program

We don't believe in weigh ins. What we DO believe in is empowering you to start preparing your own tasty meals right away! Receive & complete a Weekly Cooking Challenge designed to help you build new healthy habits you can sustain when the program is over. 

What you'll Receive

Expert Coaching

Learn one new cooking skill or meal each week. Our Program is designed so the skills you learn are cumulative. By the end, you will know how to cook all of your meals, snacks & desserts, no matter how busy your schedule.

New Cooking Skills

Our Members achieve such amazing results because our Homemade experts guide and support them every step of the way. With this Program you receive UNLIMITED Expert Coaching for all your questions and needs. 

You won't find this anywhere else. Receive a unique weekly Mindset piece to learn to eat using the Homemade Principles, COOK, EAT, LISTEN™, so you can transform your relationship with your food for lasting results.

Seasonal Recipes

Weekly Challenges


Receive around a dozen custom-made, easy & tasty, seasonal recipes every week, which practice the Cooking Skill you just learnt. All recipes are created for your optimum Nourishment & Satisfaction™ and designed so you can put a healthy meal on the table fast.

Receive inspiration & support from real people - just like you - going through the program with you, in our private online community.  Hear their stories, see their progress, ask questions & share tips.

New Mindset

You may be surprised to learn that there is a science behind why salted caramel ice cream tastes soo good... You will learn the art & science of Flavor Combining so you can make healthy Homemade meals that taste amazing every time. Even salads...which is this week's cooking theme. You will learn how to make a selection of salads & dressings you can get excited about because they actually taste good! In Mindset, we answer the question: 'So what should I eat?' You will be empowered with an easy  and liberating way you can eat for life.

Fresh herbs & spices have potent health properties and this week you will learn how to create flavors from around the world at home using fresh herbs and spices. We've included a bunch of recipes from around the world for you to try...You will probably find a couple of old or new favorites! In Mindset this week, you will learn what are the 5 most significant lifestyle factors that impact your eating habits, weight & health. And you will be empowered with easy, practical strategies to manage them… without radically transforming your current lifestyle.

Module 7: Fresh Herbs & Spices

Module 8: Mindful Snacking

People who skip breakfast are 450% more likely to be obese. And 80% of people who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast daily. You will learn how to make a healthy, homemade breakfast part of your morning routine. We've included breakfast recipes designed for busy people, including 5 minute & batch cooking options. You will also master basic knife skills to become a faster and better cook. In Mindset, we introduce the 3 Homemade Principles™ to eat for optimum health & weight.

To snack or not to snack?! This week you are going to learn how to snack mindfully for optimum nourishment, satisfaction & health. You will also learn our favorite recipes for healthy, fast & easy snacks which won't leave you feeling guilty because they provide Nourishment & Satisfaction™. Finally, you will learn how to plate your food so it's a feast for your eyes too!

You will learn how to confidently & conveniently cook using your ways which leave you free to go and do something else while you roast your meals and sides for an entire week. (Hint: That's the beauty of the oven!) In Mindset this week, you will discover why learning how to cook your own food is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health and lose weight.

Module 10: Shopping in Season & Staying on Track

This week, you will learn the tricks of the trade to perfectly searing meat, poultry, fish & vegetables for great results every time. You will discover how to tell when to flip, when to leave alone, how to develop a crust and how to identify when your protein is done. In Mindset this week, you will learn how to listen to your body & practice intuitive eating. Mastering this skill will connect you with your internal compass to guide you in maintaining optimum health and weight for life.

Preparation is the key to success when it comes to healthy eating.  Learn how to prepare for grocery shopping, navigate the store, & select your produce. If you are one of those people who dreads grocery shopping... then this week is for you! We've included a Personalized Grocery Shopping & Pantry Stock Checklist to get you started. In Mindset, you'll be empowered with our 5 key strategies to get you back on track fast when setbacks arise. 

Module 6: Great Grains

Module 3: Roasting & Oven Cooking

Bread. Rice. Pasta. Many people these days feel guilty eating grains. Yet whole grains are actually a nutritional powerhouse. This week, you will learn the health facts about grains and how to cook perfect, light, fluffy grains every time. In Mindset, you will learn why dieting, restrictions & guilt are so damaging and 5 simple steps to overcome them for good.

Module 4: Creating Flavors & Sensational Salads

Module 1: Superfood Smoothies

Module 5: The Perfect Sear

Learn to prepare the quickest, easiest meal with the most dramatic health benefits: Superfood Smoothies! But only if you make them the 'Homemade way'...we'll show you how! You will also learn the Homemade Mindset of eating for Nourishment & Satisfaction™ (HINT: your secret weapon for long term success in adopting healthy eating habits).

Module 2: Breakfasts of Champions & Knife Skills

Module 9: Decadent Desserts

What you'll learn

Renowned Journalist & Author, Michael Pollan, once said: “You can eat anything you want, just cook it yourself”. This week you are going to learn our top 10 cooking tips and hacks for delicious, healthier Homemade desserts. You are also going to learn how to use fruits, dried fruits and alternative nutritious sweeteners (such as honey & coconut sugar) in your cooking & baking. In Mindset, we are relevantly talking all about SUGAR. Is sugar as addictive as COCAINE? You will learn how to kick your sugar habit & beat cravings in 5 steps based on the latest science...without giving up your favorite dessert! 

“I came to Homemade because I wanted to eat at home more and cook myself instead of eat out. Homemade helped that happen. As a result I eat healthier, and I lost weight (and a dress size) without feeling deprived or hungry! I learned that I drive the food train, the food train doesn’t drive me.” -Nancy H.


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Enrollment Ends February 13

“My a1c blood sugars test dropped to where I am slowly getting to the 6 or below goal. My cholesterol numbers have dropped in the past 6 months because I have continued eating similarly to the class. My blood pressure is also down and I've dropped 11 lbs." -Juan M 


Our Members-Only Continuing Support


+New Cooking Skills & Recipes


Stay on track with your new healthy habits with other people right there doing it with you and our expert support team in our private online community. Get the right support when you need it most so you are never alone and can get back on track fast when life happens.


+Long term results


Success Membership



Keep learning new skills and getting fresh inspiration in our Live Online Members-Only Cooking & Mindset events, so you never get bored and you can achieve your weight loss and health improvement goals over the long-term. 

The key to our Members' success is transforming their relationship with their food and their eating using our unique Mindset system. You will learn how to eat for Nourishment & Satisfaction™ and rest old patterns of eating with continuing Mindset classes and events, so you can maintain your results for life - without ever dieting again.

“My husband and I are literally saving over $1,500 per month on eating out! This isn't something that you pay for and then you're done in 12 Weeks. It's worth every penny because the payoff is a lifetime. It's been life-changing. Definitely life-changing”. Natalie J.


Join our Waitlist for our Next Round

Enrollment Ends February 13

"At the time I joined Homemade I was heavily overweight and often fatigued. After 6 months I lost almost 60 pounds combining Homemade principles and good gym exercise. I feel great and my blood tests have never been more perfect." -Angelo D.

Our Members Give us 5-Star Recommendations!

"I would say GO FOR IT! I used to cook virtually zero of my meals - maybe once a month. Now I'm cooking 11 out of 14 meals per week.  I think I lost about 40 pounds. I used to be hungry all the time. Now I feel a lot more satisfied and I'm not always focused on food. I  feel like I'm setting up habits that are easy to maintain for a lifetime" -Courtlyn S.

"It's completely worth every penny and the time you put into it, so I would highly recommend it. Very liberating. I joined because it was time to take control back. I've had a lot less pain than I'm used to, taken a lot less medications, and my blood pressure had dropped pretty significantly - to very normal ranges. I'm doing really great now, so I was thrilled with the results I got." -Cyndee W.

"There is no way not to be engaged in this Program! It's so non judgmental, so empowering, it's a breath of fresh air. Considering what you get out of it, the cost is so unbelievably reasonable. The support, the videos, the recipes, the philosophy, are so worth it. I used to be a major recipe follower. Now I can cook using ingredients I have at home - I mean I'm really cooking!! My husband is the HAPPIEST guy in the world with the Program - he's been literally clapping! He loves it!" -Jen W.

"It's an investment in you and you HAVE to do it! It's money well spent. You will get it back ten times fold. If you just do it, it WILL work. It's really using food as medicine!
y husband just had his blood sugars done and they are down dramatically, his blood pressure is good, and he's down about 14 pounds" -Malinda K.

"The effort & time is really minimal. It doesn't get easier than this. The price was very reasonable for 12 weeks. And the long term benefits are just amazing! It's completely worth it!" -Dan Z.

"It doesn't get easier than this" - Dan Z.

If you don't get results by completing our Program, we'll give you 100% of your money back. 

So if you're not cooking better, feeling healthier or losing weight by the end of your program, then you get a 100% refund. 

Still not sure?

Join over 1000+ members who have experienced 

the Life-Changing benefits of Homemade Method™


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Enrollment Ends February 13

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really teach me how to cook without a recipe?

Yes! Cooking is made up of basic foundational principles, and once you learn those, you can more or less cook anything, without using a recipe.

I don’t have much time so will this work for me?

Our program is specifically designed for busy people who want to put healthy meals on the table fast. We’ve included 5 minute meals, batch cooking recipes & lots of useful tips for busy professionals & Moms looking to bring fresh & tasty meals and snacks to work or school.

How much time will I need to set aside to complete your program?

The actual program materials and weekly challenges are about 30 mins reading per week.  We all need to eat - so the time you spend completing the rest of the course will come off the time you already spend eating out, buying groceries & preparing meals - about  1-2 hours per week.  You may actually end up saving time (and eating a lot better).

What dates does your Program run? 

Our Programs commence every quarter, with the next Program starting in January.  The Program start date is on your registration, and we will email you the relevant information.

What cooking skills will I be learning? And what will I learn to cook?

You will learn basic knife skills, roasting & using your oven, searing & using your stove, how to combine flavors and how to use herbs & spices.  You will learn how to make all of your meals, snacks & desserts. Including superfood smoothies, fast & healthy breakfasts including eggs any style, meat & fish, seasonal salads & homemade dressings, healthy whole grains, homemade snacks & decadent desserts. See our Module descriptions above for more details.

When will I start preparing my own meals?

Right away in week 1. And you will build on your repertoire week by week. 

What cooking levels is your program suitable for?

Our program is suitable for absolute beginners to intermediate cooks looking for fresh inspiration and healthy cooking ideas.

What type of foods will I be eating? (I’m a picky eater)

Our menu uses fresh, seasonal, whole food ingredients and inludes meat, fish, poultry & dairy, and is primarily plant-based. You have total control over which meals you cook and we teach you how to modify recipes and substitute ingredients to suit your tastes.  

Will I receive any recipes?

Yes you receive over 100+ custom Homemade recipes that you can use throughout the program. These recipes are specially designed to take you through the program week by week and build cooking confidence. 

Will I need special cooking equipment?

As long as you have the basics (knife, chopping block, pots / pans, baking tray, utensils & a blender), you will be fine. You receive a Kitchen Equipment checklist in week 1 so you can make sure you have everything you need on hand.

Will you help me with grocery shopping?

Yes, you receive a Personalized Grocery Shopping & Pantry Stock Checklist. We also teach you how to shop seasonally & how to select produce as part of the course.

Will my family like your meals?

Our Members, Husbands and Children RAVE about our meals! We have received a ton of positive feedback from surprised and delighted members saying their husbands & children loved our meals!

I have tried so many diets before, why will this one be any different?

The Homemade Cooking program is not a diet. It is a change in your way of eating & relationship with food, based on the Homemade Principles Cook, Eat, Listen™ and eating for Nourishment & Satisfaction™.  

How does Membership work?

You begin on the Reset program which runs for a 5 month contract, and then you automatically switch onto the Maintenance Membership.  You can cancel your Maintenance Membership at any time.

How long will I have access for?

You will have access to the Course platform for 3 as long as you are a Member.  You may also download the materials to your computer if you want to access the content if you end your Membership.